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Open call: Art commission for the Goods Reception at Danderyd Hospital

AKTNR 2337-7647
Framtidens Danderyds sjukhus


Artistic Commission for the Goods Reception at Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm


The Stockholm County Council’s Culture Administration invites professional artists to apply for a sketch assignment for a public art commission for the Goods Reception’s modified facilities at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm.


The population of the Stockholm area is growing continuously and in order to meet the increased need for care of the county’s inhabitants the Stockholm County Council is investing in a number of major new buildings and renovations. Several strategic investments will be made at Danderyd Hospital, of which the most extensive is the new acute care unit centrally located within the hospital complex. In order to cope with the supply of goods to the hospital, the Goods Reception is being modified and its capacity will be increased. Art is a natural part of the project that will contribute to a better working environment for the staff. The Goods Reception is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Site Conditions

A thorough understanding of the special circumstances that characterise a Goods Reception is crucial for the work involved in the artistic intervention. The environment is tough with daily traffic of trucks and heavy vehicles carrying goods of various kinds. The Goods Reception may be regarded as the hospital’s heart where everything passes through, hidden from the visitors. The premises include workshops, sorting areas, technical supply and changing rooms. Parts of the Goods Reception will be renovated and other parts will remain in their current condition. This provides a varied and, at the same time, tolerant environment to start out from for the artistic intervention. There are a number of practical conditions to consider: the extent to which an artwork can protrude from the wall is restricted, certain walls must be kept free up to a certain height, several walls are quipped with impact protectors etc.

Description of the artistic commission

The Goods Reception is an environment which makes possible an artistically visual and powerful holistic approach. The area is for staff only and therefore the artistic expression can be freer while being robust and durable. In dialogue with involved parties, the commission entails identifying possibilities for artistic interventions for wall surfaces, interrupted by doors etc. It is also possible to involve columns, beams and ceilings in the commission. The largest room has lantern lights in the ceilings, which may also be included.

We are primarily interested in painting directly on the wall; however, it is also possible to involve other expressions such as light or three-dimensional objects.

A holistic solution and a distinctive artistic grasp of the situation will provide the Goods Reception’s facilities with character. The art may preferably relate to the site and its specific activities and flows. The walls should work visually in close-up while simultaneously provide interesting qualities when viewed from further away.

The intention is to invite an artist/artist group for a sketch assignment. After submission and approval of the sketch proposal, the artist/artist group will be awarded the commission. In order to apply, see below.

Invitation for the Sketch Assignment

Two artists/artist groups will be assigned parallel sketch assignments for each of the seven assignments. When the sketch proposals have been assessed, seven artists/artists groups will be given implementation assignments.

Specification of Requirements

The artistic intervention should be of high artistic value, be durable, with a sophisticated content, contribute to a visually attractive environment and provide the location with character. It shall relate to the specific nature of the environment in question. The art commission is part of an architectural context which implies collaboration with project managers from the Art Department of the Stockholm County Council, art consultants and project management from the County Council’s property company Locum, architects, lighting consultants and other actors.

Environmental concerns must be taken into consideration in the selection of materials and production methods. A sufficiently high level of durability is a requirement in these types of public environments.


For the sketch assignment: 30,000 SEK excluding VAT.

The execution of the artistic public commission is budgeted at 350,000 SEK excluding VAT per commission.

All costs connected to the execution and installation of the artwork, such as the artist’s own project planning time, material costs, mounting appliances, subcontractors/assistants, travel, transportation, insurance, the artist’s own fee for executing the work and the artistic fee, storage until the time of installation, must be covered by this budget.

Costs related to the technical coordination and installation of the art are covered by the construction project budget.

Timetable according to the present construction plan (preliminary)

2017-10-15, at 24:00 hours. Deadline for submitting your webbapplication.
• 2017-11-20. Decision on which artist will be invited to a sketch assignment.
• 2017-12-01. Scheduled initial meeting for the sketch assignment.
• 2018-04-09. Proposal submission.
• 2015-05. Decision on execution.
• Production of the artwork according to the timetable of the project.
• Mounting/installation of the artwork coordinated with the construction project.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a public art commission for the Stockholm County Council Cultural Administration, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must be a professional artist.
  • A copy of certificate from the relevant tax authority must be provided on request.

General information on open calls is available on our website www.kultur.sll.se under English.


Complete the application form to register your interest in these commissions.

If you are interested in a specific commission, please specify in the “Other” box in the form.

Notification of Proposal Submission

The decision on which artists will be invited to submit a proposal will be made by the Director of the Art Department, delegated by the Culture Committee, and will be published on the Cultural Administration’s website www.kultur.sll.se during the month of November 2017. The artists who are invited to submit a proposal will be notified by telephone or email.


Questions concerning the application or the project should be submitted in writing by e-mail to project manager no later than October 9, 2017 to allow for replies before the application deadline. E-mail questions to info.kultur@sll.se about application-form.

Commissioning Agency

Stockholm County Council is the commissioning agency and will be party to the agreements with the artists. The Stockholm County Council Culture Administration will manage the art project, including the application and selection processes.