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AKTNR 2237-8874
Gestaltning i förbindelsegång på Nya Karolinska Solna. Bländare, detalj, ©Helena Izoz/Bildupphovsrätt 2017. Foto P. Mannberg

In the area of culture, Stockholm County Council objective is "Free culture that promotes experiences, encounters, education and participation".

To achieve this, the County Council distributes funding to various organisations and projects active in Stockholm County. The significance of culture has been recognised in other sectors, such as healthcare, urban planning and regional development. The Future Plan for Health and Medical Care entails a unique investment in art and its possibilities in various healthcare environments. The Culture Administration is also responsible for ordering and buying art in connection with new construction and renovations, and caring for and conducting supervision of the County Council’s art holdings.

Many development projects initiated at the hospital New Karolinska Solna have inspired extensive international interest from urban planners and researchers and, not least, artists. This trend is in line with the internationalization process that increasingly characterises art and cultural life. Artistic quality is a prerequisite for this positive development. The Culture Committee prioritize activity and project support to children and young people with the aim of encouraging personal creation and self-reflection.

If you are interested in art commissions, you are recommended to register an account in the artist database Konstnärsbasen. On the Culture Administration's newsroom at MyNewsDesk all open calls for assignments will be published, as well as the names of the artists nominated for the sketch assignments and art commissions. Read more at FAQ about art assignments.

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