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Open call - Public art commission at Södersjukhuset Garden Terrace

AKTNR 2660-11644
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Sculptural Art Commission for new Garden Terrace at Stockholm South General Hospital (Södersjukhuset)


Region Stockholm invites professional artists to apply for an artistic commission in connection with the construction of Stockholm South General Hospital’s new emergency department. The commission is for a sculpture in an outdoor environment. The location of the commission is a garden terrace between four surrounding buildings dating from different periods, one of which is the new entrance to the emergency department.


One of Region Stockholm’s accident and emergency hospitals, Stockholm South General Hospital is being modernised and expanded to meet the demands of the Stockholm region’s growing and aging population. The hospital is thus facing its most comprehensive transformation since its inauguration in 1944. The new treatment building, comprising a larger emergency department and new operating theatres, a new healthcare facility and a new maintenance department will ensure that Stockholm South General Hospital is equipped for the future. The garden terrace is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2020.

Site Conditions

By erecting a new treatment building as well as renovating and converting existing buildings, Stockholm South General Hospital will be equipped to render healthcare more efficient, in addition to meeting the increased demands for patient safety, healthcare quality and care. A natural part of the project, art will contribute to the experience of the buildings.

The location of the artwork, the garden terrace, surrounded by four buildings, will be re-designed by a landscape architect. It will only provide limited access to patients and staff.

The terrace environment will primarily be experience from the surrounding buildings, including through the large glass section in the emergency department entrance, from the emergency department’s waiting area and from the dialysis reception, and also from other receptions/departments higher up in the building. Consequently, the artwork will primarily not be perceived close up but from various distances and levels.

Description of the Artistic Commission

Introducing an artistic intervention on this location continues the tradition of art at Stockholm South General Hospital. The value of art in a hospital environment works on several levels. Art should create ideas and new realms of thought for patients, visitors and staff. It should be of interest to all age groups and contribute to an atmosphere of care and security. Art in a hospital caters to people in a vulnerable and delicate situation.

The art should contribute to creating a caring and humane environment. Care activities are carried out throughout the day in the buildings that surround the garden terrace.

The location of the artistic commission (see purple markings on sketches) is a flat surface that will be planted with meadow-grass. At the west end, the terrace turns into a steep slope.

The terrace serves various purposes: it features seating areas, evacuation routes, a narrow track for maintenance vehicles and surface run-off management.

The sculpture should relate to the given conditions and should be well-adapted both to the architecture and to the different groups of patient, visitors and staff who frequent the environment. It should be a coherent, sculptural artistic intervention, a unique work that harmonises with the existing features of the terrace.

The building project will cover the cost for foundations below ground, some mounting and the installation of electricity for lighting.

Two artists/artist groups will be awarded parallel sketch assignments for a sculptural artistic commission on the garden terrace between the four buildings. After submission and assessment of the sketch proposals, one artist/artist group will be awarded the commission.


The artwork should be of high artistic value with a sophisticated content, be produced in durable materials and contribute to a visually attractive environment. The art commission is part of an architectural context which implies collaboration with project managers from Region Stockholm’s Art Department, art consultants, project management from Region Stockholm’s property company Locum, architects, light consultants and other actors.

The artwork should also relate to existing centrally located artworks in the hospital area.


For the sketch assignment: 40,000 SEK exclusive of VAT.

The cost ceiling for the execution of the artistic commission is estimated at 450,000 SEK exclusive of VAT.

This will cover all costs connected to the execution and installation of the artwork, such as the artist’s own project planning time, material costs, mounting, fees for subcontractors/assistants, travel, transportation, insurance, the artist’s own fee for executing the work and the artistic fee, as well as storage until the artwork can be installed. The artist must also provide an environmental checklist and a maintenance description. Operating and maintenance instructions must be covered by the artist’s budget.

Construction-related project planning costs for the artwork is covered by the building project’s budget, as well as foundations below ground. Some mounting and installation costs may be covered by the building project’s budget.

Timetable According to the Current Construction Plan

2019-03-27. 24.00 hours: Application deadline.

2019-04-12. Decision on which two artists will be invited to parallel sketch assignments.

2019-week 17. Initial meeting with the artists for the sketch assignments.

2019-week 33. Proposal review meeting during ongoing sketch work.

2019-09-16. Proposal submission.

2019-09-20. Decision on which sketch proposal will be selected.

October 2019 – August/September 2020. Production of the artwork according to the project timetable.

Mounting/installation of the artwork in collaboration with the building project. The garden terrace is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2020.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a public art commission for Region Stockholm, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must be a professional artist.
  • When the commission is awarded you must be registered for Swedish F-tax (as a sole trader or company). A copy of a certificate from the relevant authority must be submitted on request.
Additional Requirements:
  • The artwork should take into consideration the specific characteristics of a hospital environment.
  • The artist should provide solutions for the operation and maintenance of the artwork and ensure that a sufficiently high level of durability is achieved.
  • Environmental concerns must be taken into consideration in the selection of materials and production methods.
  • The artist must be on site during the installation of the artwork.
Notification of Proposal Submission

Two artists/artist groups will be awarded parallel sketch assignments. After submission and assessment of the sketch proposals, one artist/artist group will be awarded the commission.

The decision on which artists will be invited to submit a proposal will be made by the Director of the Art Department, delegated by the Culture Committee, and will be published on the Cultural Administration’s website, www.kultur.sll.se in April 2019. Artists who are invited to submit a proposal will be notified by telephone.


For general information on our art commissions and requirements, please consult our frequently asked questions (faq).

Questions concerning the application or the project should be submitted in writing via e-mail to susanne.andersson-kopp@sll.se no later than 2019-03-21 to allow for replies before the application deadline.

Commissioning Agency

Region Stockholm is the commissioning agency and will be party to the agreements with the artists. The Culture Administration manages the art project, which includes the application and selection process.