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Open call - Commission Södertälje Hospital

AKTNR 2581-10412
Kulturförvaltningen, Region Stockholm, invites professional artists to apply for Art commission at future Södertälje Hospital.
Art Commissions for Nursing Wards, Södertälje Hospital

Art commissions for nursing wards with multiday treatment in connection with renovations at Södertälje Hospital. The commissions pertain to the central areas in the interior environment, primarily some longer wall sections in the corridors. The art shall contribute to interconnecting the environments and give each floor a specific character. The intention of adding varied artistic expressions to each floor is to provide the care building at Södertälje Hospital with a distinctive identity.


The Art Commission

Several (3-5) art commissions for nursing wards in connection with the renovation of an older part of the building that will be interconnected with the new hospital buildings. The construction is planned to be completed in summer 2019 and is part of a major extension of Södertälje Hospital.

Five wards with private care rooms for patients who require multiday treatment will be created. The nursing wards will be distributed on separate floors. They will be identically designed with central corridors connecting the 24 care rooms, and a day room.

The art commissions pertain to the central areas of the interior environment in the nursing wards, primarily some longer wall sections in the corridors. Each commission pertains to a separate floor. The purpose of the art is to interconnect the environment into a whole and, in close cooperation with the architecture and design, provide each floor with a distinctive character. The art shall contribute to an atmosphere of care and security and be well balanced in the context.


Site Conditions

Södertälje is growing and in order to meet future needs, the hospital is being extended. New buildings are being linked to the older buildings to form a whole. The oldest parts of the hospital date from 1907, which together with later extensions provide the building with a historical character. The new construction is characterised by a modern care perspective and environmental awareness. The hospital has a strong local affiliation and the activities are based on a humanistic medical perspective, which includes a holistic view of humans and their health.

Södertälje is a municipality in the county of Stockholm with a population of some 92,000. Respecting the individual and regarding differences as a positive is a shared common value that permeates all of the municipality’s activities.


The fee for the sketch assignment is 30,000 SEK excluding VAT.

The execution of the artistic commission is budgeted at 350,000 SEK excluding VAT.

The budget must cover all costs connected to the production of the artwork, such as the artist’s fee, extended copyright costs*, material costs, subcontractors/assistants, travel, transportation, insurance and storage until the time of installation. The artist must provide an environmental checklist and a maintenance description, as well as operating and maintenance instructions.

Costs connected with the technical coordination, mounting and installation of the artwork are covered by a separate budget.


2018-11-08 kl 23.59 Application deadline.
2018- v 48, Decision on which artist(s) will be invited to submit a sketch assignment.
2019-v12, Decision on which sketch proposal will be executed
2019-mars, start Production of artwork according to the timetable of the project
Aug 2019, Mounting/installation of the artwork.


Example nursing ward.


Who can apply?

To be eligible for an artistic commission for Stockholm County Council you must fulfil the following requirements:
You must be a professional artist.
When the commission is awarded you must be registered for Swedish F-tax (as a sole trader or company). A copy of certificate from the relevant tax authority must be provided on request.

Additional requirements:

The artwork must take into consideration the specific characteristics and operational conditions of the healthcare environment.
You should be able to provide solutions for the operation and maintenance of the artwork and ensure that a sufficiently high level of durability is achieved.
Environmental concerns will be taken into consideration in the selection of materials and production methods.

Notification of Proposal Submission

The decision on which artists will be invited to submit a proposal will be made by the Director of the Art Department, delegated by the Culture Committee, and will be published on the Cultural Administration’s website www.kultur.sll.se in November 2018. The artists invited to submit a proposal will be notified by telephone or email.


Questions concerning the application or the project should be submitted in writing by e-mail to the project manager no later than 2018-11-05 to allow for replies before the application deadline. For questions relating to the application form, please contact info.kultur@sll.se

Commissioning Agency

Stockholm County Council is the commissioning agency and will be party to the agreements with the artists. The Stockholm County Council Culture Administration will manage the art project, including the application and selection processes.


*kulturförvaltningen, Region Stockholm have agreements and account for royalties via Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige the Visual Copyright Society in Sweden. Images of artwork published on webbsite and social media is covered by annual agreement, and will not concern budget for art commission. Extended copyright costs may accour, when artwork includes copyright material.